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With the rise of online dating, singles have never had more options. But they're also having a miserable time.

67% of daters say their dating lives aren’t going well. 75% have found it difficult to date in the past year.

iris, a dating app that uses artificial intelligence to match its users, thinks it has the answer.

"For a human being, finding a ten out of ten who also thinks you’re a ten out of ten seems like finding a needle in the haystack," said the product marketer at iris. "But for iris’s unique, one-of-a-kind algorithm, it takes just seconds."

iris' Unique Technology

Users are 40 times more likely to find a match on iris than if they were to swipe at random. That's because every user must "train" iris on their preferences in three phases when they download the app.

During the first phase, users like about 5% of the random photos shown to them. During the third phase of training, iris is already choosing pictures of models it thinks the user will find attractive. On average, users like about 50% of them.

After training, iris recommends members that the user will likely find attractive. It also prioritizes people who are likely to find the user attractive too, thus increasing the chances of a mutual match.

A Trustworthy Community

Unlike most other dating apps, iris photo-verifies every user. Every day iris rejects 30% of the users who attempt to join because their profile pictures don't match the selfies they take.

"While not 100% bullet-proof (one or two catfish have made it through and roamed our waters for a couple of days), we are confident that our community is the cleanest in the industry," their website states.

iris also rewards members for the effort they put into meeting new people. They assign each member a "trust rating" based on whether they compose a thoughtful bio and send respectful messages. Members with high trust ratings receive a badge on their profile and are eligible for discounts and other rewards.

The iris team is confident that the app can improve the online dating experience. They are soon rolling out a new feature called Super Search. It looks through iris' entire database of users to find someone with a high probability of mutual attraction.

iris can revolutionize modern dating, because it solves the single thorniest problem in romance: liking someone who also likes you back.

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