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Setting goals for your relationship can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. It gives a couple a shared vision of the future and creates steps for them to make something magical happen.

When you first begin to set goals with your partner, you might be tempted to talk about finances (which happens to be the leading cause of stress in relationships). But setting a goal based on money can create tension instead of moving your relationship forward.

Set goals to improve the quality of your relationship and the experiences you share. If you’re curious about how to get started, follow these simple steps for goal-setting with your partner.

Identify A Goal

Have you ever wanted to try scuba diving lessons or learn to paint like Bob Ross? It can be fun to pick up a new skill together and break out of your daily routine.

You could also set a goal to be eco-friendly in your everyday lives, or go for a walk together at least twice a week. Whatever your goal is, make sure it pertains to both of your lives and interests. You don’t want to drag your partner to salsa dancing class if they have absolutely no interest. Make sure to create the goal together so that it’s truly a couple’s goal.

Write It Down

Breaking down your goal into smaller steps helps you see the goal as attainable and not intimidating. Seeing your goal on paper also makes it seem more official.

A big goal can overwhelm a person or a couple, so putting together a step-by-step guide will make the goal that much easier to reach. Be sure to hang it somewhere you can see it daily. This is not a piece of paper to stuff in a desk drawer!

Keep Each Other Accountable

Accountability is key when working towards a goal as a couple. Thankfully, you have each other to gently push the other into work mode.

Setting up a chart where you can check off milestones along the way helps you stay on track. You can also set up reminders from your phone. Whatever you choose, just make sure it works for both you and your partner.

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