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Unless you’ve been in a long-distance relationship before, you probably aren't familiar with the nuances of video dating. But with social distancing guidelines in place, everyone has to find ways to adapt to online gatherings. Hosting a virtual date for the first time might feel bizarre, but it is a helpful way to truly connect with a person beyond messaging.

One of the most inspiring coronavirus love stories has been of Twitter user and photographer Jeremy Cohen, who spotted a cute neighbor dancing on a nearby rooftop. They waved at each other, and Cohen soon sent a drone over to get her phone number. And the rest was history.

If you can’t afford a drone, don’t worry. We have plenty of other creative tips to make your virtual date the best it can possibly be.

Create a digital dinner experience

Cohen and his rooftop crush connected by having dinner together, but separately. As he sat on his balcony enjoying a meal, his date ate dinner on her rooftop. If the two of you don’t live near each other, consider ordering the same food and eating it over a video call, or even consuming matching microwave dinners.

Take a virtual tour

Galleries and museums are always sophisticated date options. But with public areas closed, how exactly do you show someone your fancy art taste? Luckily, most of these venues have provided virtual tours and exhibits that can be accessed online. You can check out the decadent ceilings of the Louvre, and the Smithsonian Natural History section, along with a NASA exhibit at the National Women’s History Museum — all in the comfort of your home.

Host game night

Since many are unable to play board games in person, companies have created the option of virtual game nights. Whether your game of choice is Risk, Life, or Clue, there’s something for everyone at this digital table. It’s definitely a step up from cards!

Netflix and chill, but make it virtual

A Google Chrome extension called “Teleparty” lets you watch movies with your date from afar. By synchronizing video playback and adding a group chat to your Netflix show or movie of choice, this extension is helping many around the world connect through a long-distance movie night or even a TV premiere party.

Livestream a workout

With gyms and fitness studios closed everywhere, there are more live-stream workout options than ever before. Whether you decide to livestream a YouTube workout, log into Daily Burn (they're offering a free trial), or join a class via Classpass, there are infinite possibilities. There are also virtual boxing workouts on Gloveworx, demanding sessions at Barry’s Bootcamp, and many trainers who are posting workouts to Instagram live. Y7 studio, originally based in NYC, now offers free daily yoga classes on Instagram.

It’s not about the money

Consider delivering flowers to your beau’s house, or something to set the mood, like a couple of candles or a bottle of wine. Here, it’s more about the thought than the number of dollars you spend. In the virtual dating world, gone are the days of dazzling with pre-fixe meals. However, if you choose to host your virtual date night, remember that it’s all about forging a real connection. Extravagance is neither expected nor necessary.

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