Dating and Relationship Advice

I want to sit with the person I love and watch as the sun sets on the horizon, with no emotions in my heart but love, love in my eyes, love in my head as I find nothing more important than the time I'm sharing with the person sitting next to me.

But I fear some questions in my mind haunt me, like, will this end as everything in this world does? Does the person sitting next to me have the same feelings for me, or do they even find me attractive or interesting enough to share more precious moments like this with me? Is rejection waiting for me in the dark as time passes by?

Fear is what kept us humans alive for centuries. We build, we hunt, and we evolve, all thanks to fear. But fear, in some cases, is dangerous, especially in relationships.

To overcome fears in relationships, EQ has some advice for you…

1) Focus on Communication in Relationships

Talking and listening to your partner can solve almost 90% of your worries and fears. Still, what to talk about, you might ask, EVERYTHING, talk about your day, listen to how your partner spent their days, discuss your worries, share your insecurities, and create humor in your conversation.

Talking and listening to your partner can strengthen the bond of your relationship, giving the most important thing a relationship can have, trust.

Trust to such an extent that you know you have someone to share your problems with, someone who won't laugh and taunt you about your emotions, and trust that you and your partner won't even need the assistance of words to deliver feelings and emotions.

Communication strengthens relationships and removes your worst enemy, fear.

2) Giving Gifts to your Partner

You can overcome the fear of rejection by strengthening your relationship, and what better way to boost your love and trust in your relationship than by giving gifts!

These gifts shouldn't be about money, meaning if you're in a genuine relationship, it won't matter if you give your partner the latest model of the iPhone or just a $5 rose; the intention is all there is to it.

Gifting is like converting your love and emotions into materialistic things, things that can be touched and felt by our physical senses; start gifting to your partner and see how it affects your relationship.

3) Adjust your Expectations, and Give Space

We're all humans; sometimes, we're sad and depressed and need some alone time where we need to be left alone for a while with our thoughts. This doesn't mean that your partner is trying to find an escape from you or from your relationship.

We have to understand our partner's feelings and figure out what, when, and why they feel the way they're feeling, give them space, and lower our expectations.

Lowering your expectations would save you from pain and sometimes even guilt. This doesn't mean you don't expect love in return but expect to sometimes become disappointed, always remember you're in the real world and not in a RomCom where everything is love and laughter, live life as it is.

Still afraid of rejection?

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