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Cheering up someone is never easy. This is particularly difficult when you love that person and face a never-ending stream of ideas on how to help them. How do you pick the best one to show them that you care?

If you've ever looked up to the sky while you pondered this question, I'm here to tell you that you were almost there!

While astrology may seem like a new-age mainstream craze, the practice of interpreting meaning from the movements of celestial objects is thousands of years old. It was considered a scholarly practice in many ancient traditions, hence why it has withstood the test of time.

Not only was it studied in close relation to astronomy and medicine, but it is also a helpful tool used to understand the self and others. Therefore, your partner's zodiac sign may reveal the best methods to cheer them up.

Don't believe me? EQ Magazine recently spoke to celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman, to get all the information on bettering your girlfriend's emotional state.

So, why don't you read on and tell me what you think! But, I'll likely bet that the results will speak for themselves.


Born under the sign of the Ram, these individuals have two main modes — overexcitement and rage! "An Aries gal is a strong gal, so make sure you don't invalidate or infantilize her — let her know that her rage is justified and proportional, and listen to what she has to say," says Inbaal.

She recommends you pay close attention to what she's telling you for these fiery signs. After she's said her piece, perhaps suggest something active, playful, and outdoors. Maybe a walk, a run, or a ball game? Don't be afraid to get creative.


Those born under the Bull sign catch a bad rep for their stubbornness. But under those walls lies a sensitive soul. "Taurean ladies are thoughtful and elegant. You'll need to be thoughtful and elegant in return to cheer them up," she says. For these women, it's best to handle them with care. Perhaps send them a bouquet of white flowers accompanied with a surprise dinner reservation? Or maybe splash some money and get them a fancy wine or decadent bar of chocolate? Whatever you do, handle it with care.


Gemini's are born under the sign of the Twins. Despite what you may have heard, girls under this sign are emotionally low maintenance and rarely upset. So, your best bet is to keep them laughing and remind them of their extraordinary nature. "Make sure you don't drag her down — keep hyping up your Gemini lady to keep her giggling," Inbaal recommends.


If there is one thing you need to know about Cancerians, they're warm, loving people who need a lot of affection. "Whatever the reason that she's not happy — a stern word, tripping on her heels, injustice in Europe — a hug will go a long way to fixing it, she says. After all, "Those born under the sign of the Crab like to feel surrounded by love," she adds. So how about you both disconnect this evening? No phones, no words, just a lot of snacks and something nice to watch.


"The Lion is the King of the Jungle, so all the Queens born under his sign are pure royalty, whatever the weather. If she needs cheering up, be royal yourself and spare no expense," says Inbaal. Our expert recommends the following four-step plan of action:

  • Listen to what she has to say.
  • Promise to defeat her enemies.
  • Keep your distance, so she has her space, and most importantly.
  • Obey all her requests.

No excuses!


Virgos are known for their sensibilities and reason; therefore, it won't be for something minor if they're upset. Cheering this girl will take more than actions or just words (although chocolate and laughter won't hurt). "You'll have to show her that her complaint will be resolved, and you have to support her in taking action," she says.


Those born under the sign of the Scales are very in tune with their environment due to their commitment to equality and social justice. Therefore, they may need a lot of attention due to the current state of world affairs. For them, Inbaal recommends giving them something, like flowers, to remind them of the beauty all around us. "Cheer your Libra up by inventing ways that you can alter social structures," she adds.


With a Scorpio woman, all you need to remember is to keep it unique and personal. Perhaps you can write them a poem, sign them up for circus lessons, or buy them a limited edition makeup item they've wanted.

"She'll laugh along with your attempts and make you feel like you've really made an effort," she says. But a word of warning, "She'll never… ever… forget what you did to upset her in the first place," Inbaal adds. So perhaps it may be best to stay on their good side! Watch out for that Scorpion sting!


Girls born under the sign of the Archer are funny, sociable, and original. Therefore, it may be a while before you see them show any unhappiness! However, if you do, there are a few tricks you can try. "Cheer up your sad Sagittarian by assaulting all their senses at once — hand her a kitten to stroke, put some fun music on, pour her a glass of something cheerful and pay attention to her," she says.


"There's a special quiet dignity to Capricorn ladies — they loathe to let you know when they're in need of some cheer; they think it inelegant," Inbaal says. So how can you know when she's upset? "You'd best check, every so often, just to make sure that she's happy in herself," she adds.

So when you notice something is amiss, it's probably best to take the hint and spring into action. For these gals, luxury items may be best. Our expert recommends jewelry, specialist chocolate or even a fine vintage to let her know you've got her happiness in mind.


With this sign, it's best to keep your gift as grounded as possible. "The state of the world is likely to bring the Water-bearer down, as Aquarians are great humanitarians and care about justice and equality," Inbaal says. She recommends a fairtrade coffee, a hand-crafted mug, and a drink in a local pleasure garden. Bonus points if you talk to her about social issues!


The keyword for those born under the sign of the Fish is love. "Cheer her up with small gestures of love and grand gestures," Inbaal says. Hold her hand while you talk, order her favorite ice cream, and don't forget to look into her eyes! Whatever you do, just remember to stay connected, and you'll have no problem cheering this girl up!


Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer

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