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How many times have your besties complained about men with small penises sucking in bed? I have heard this about one hundred times, from friends and in many movies. But the truth is, ladies and gents, it’s just a myth. Men who are blessed with big dicks (you know, the kind that appear disproportionate to their body frame) aren’t the only ones who know how to please a woman.

So, contrary to popular belief, screwing a guy with a tiny thing has more than a few benefits, and these men are generally better in bed. Here are four reasons for this that you may not have been aware of:

They Overcompensate

Back in the good ol’ days of childhood, plenty of teenage dudes measured their dicks with rulers or measuring tape because they felt self-conscious. Over the years, these men mastered the art of sexual pleasing to overcompensate for their cock size. Maybe they’ve honed in on other talents such as oral sex, perfected their tongue game, and now they can get females to cum before reaching the letter “L” in the clitoral ABC’s. Where men lack in size, they can, and often do, make up for it with the best foreplay you’ll ever experience.

Vaginas Are Different Sizes, Too

Much like men possess varying-sized penises, both in length and girth, women also have smaller and larger vaginas. The average-sized vag is only three inches— however, when a woman is aroused, her vagina can expand to four or even five inches. Imagine a smaller vag lady getting into bed with someone who has a 9” dick? Just saying. A larger sized penis would smash against her cervix with each thrust, ouch! With that said, 4 to 6 inches with a nice, wide girth is better for pleasure, not pain—unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Clitoral Stimulation Takes The Cake

Considering that only 25% of women can achieve climax from vaginal penetration alone, clitoral massage is a huge part of sex. Plus, clitoral orgasms tend to feel so much better. As long as the small-dicked man is on his A-game when it comes to rubbing the clit (which has so many nerve endings, way more than the vagina,) who cares about his size? Enjoy some foreplay first and then go to town. And hey, if he doesn’t know that the clit needs some attention, rub that precious bean yourself. It’s a win, win. You can enhance your erotic enjoyment, while he gets more aroused just watching you play with yourself.

Girth Trumps Length

We discussed girth a little bit earlier but let’s dive deeper. A long, thin penis is pretty shitty—like, where is it? Can you even feel him inside of you? This reminds me of that one episode of Sex and the City, when Samantha starts fooling around with some rando. She said, “Put it in, baby,” or something like that. He awkwardly replied, “It’s already in…” Embarrassing much? Smaller dicks with wider circumferences feel more fulfilling, plain and simple. If his penis is too skinny to touch your vaginal walls, the nerve endings in the first two inches of your vag won’t receive the satisfaction they deserve.

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