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Have you ever spent hours getting ready for a date, only for the other person to cancel or ghost on you last minute? There's a word for this phenomenon — glamboozling. If your date glamboozles you because of an actual emergency, it’s disappointing but understandable. But if they do it more than once or fake their excuse, it really hurts.

For some, getting ready only involves choosing the right scent and outfit, and maybe fixing the hair. But others might spend hours on makeup, shoes, and accessories. Sometimes people will even spend a whole day getting ready for a date they're excited about.

It feels horrible when you make yourself look gorgeous only to get bailed on at the last minute. Whether it’s with a new boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, or a Tinder match, glamboozling is never ok!

If this happens to you, you can either accept the reality of the situation, or kick your suitor to the curb. Here are some of the unspoken rules of glamboozling, so you can tell if your date deserves another chance or not:

Be assertive about how you feel

You deserve to know why your date rudely canceled on you at the last minute. Message them for an explanation, even if you are worried it'll make you look desperate or silly. You are a human being who deserves a response. It’s tempting to stay quiet, but what do you have to lose? Remember to always stand up for yourself.

Sus out the excuse, and trust your instincts

Your gut is what guides you. Did they text or call to deliver the news? Did they deliver the news at all? Some people use texting to avoid accountability and get away with a fib. If someone gives you a call and sounds noticeably distressed, they're probably telling the truth. If they text you with a generic excuse, it's time to question whether you really want to give them another chance.

At the end of the day, don’t take it personally

You might be tempted to mope and feel bad about yourself, but remember that this stuff happens to everyone. Life is unpredictable and you shouldn't take your glamboozling incident personally. Last minute canceling is the absolute worst, but it isn't even exclusive to dating. It can happen before job interviews, doctors appointments, etc. If you get glamboozled at the last minute, go out for some cocktails or head to a bar on your own. You could even catch a last minute concert or a film. A date with yourself can be just as valuable as one with someone else, if not more.

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