Dating and Relationship Advice

We’ve all dated an asshole. And we’ve all thought to ourselves, “What was I thinking?” or “Why didn’t I see it?” or my favorite, “Why didn’t I end things sooner?!"

Maybe next time you can end things before they get too bad, crazy, and intense. Because the assholes often come with warning signs that clearly mean they’re bad news.

Here are the top early warning signs to look for when dating.

Planning the first date is hard

I once dated a guy who asked me out in May, but didn't pull the trigger on a date until late June. He kept promising to get back to me with date ideas or times, but he never did.

I asked him why and when he finally responded, he gave me a laundry list of excuses that included BS such as: his car broke down, his boss was on his case, he had to get a present for his grandma, and his phone ran out of batteries.

Yeah, no.

If it’s that hard to get a first date scheduled, its a sign that they’re just not that into you. Or it's a clear warning that they’re a first-rate jerk face with narcissism issues. Either way, not the person you want to be dating.

They don't listen

We’ve all been scrolling when someone else was talking, but if your date is consistently not listening to you, it’s bad news.

Listening and communicating are literally the most important parts of a successful relationship. Plus, listening in the early stages of a romance should be easy and fun! Your date should want to hear what you have to say.

They’re too spontaneous

Sure, a spur of the moment romantic date or the occasional “you up?” booty text is great, but if all the dates are like that? Watch out.

If they can’t find the time in their busy schedule to fit you in with advanced notice, it’s a clear sign that you’re not a priority. When you really like someone, you want to see them, and you will probably do everything you can to see them as often as possible. But if you’re always a last-minute addition, it shows how little they respect you, your time, and your emotions.

No thank you!

They're overly critical of others

Their sister is a bitch. Their boss is a dick. That one guy who lives down the hall is an asshat.

We all have people in our lives who we don’t get along with or just plain don't like, but most adults are able to keep most of those feelings inside. If your date seems to think everyone they meet is a horrible person, it might be time to get on iris.

After all, who’s the common denominator for all those “horrible” people? The date.

And you don’t want to become someone they’re complaining about.

They’re mean to people who are "beneath" them

How does your date treat the waitress? The guy who makes their coffee? The person who cleans at their office?

People often show their true, nasty colors to those who they think are “beneath” them. Also, if they don’t consider everyone their equal, you’re also probably “beneath” them. You might find yourself being disrespected and looked down on too. And, really, do you actually want to date a jerk who is rude to the barista?

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