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Morning mirrors can be haunting. Whether it was a late night, a restless one, or one with a full face routine, the morning after any evening can cause me to brace before looking in the mirror. Do I have puffy eyes? Am I sporting new acne? Did my hair decide to hate me overnight? As I drag myself to the bathroom every morning, I know I will ask the same question myself; Am I attractive?

The answer shouldn’t change the value that I have of myself, but unsurprisingly, it somehow does. Even if you have a perfected skincare routine, fantastic fits, or sculpted figure, you probably have asked this question to yourself before. And while true beauty certainly lies in your personality, heart, and head, it’s not uncommon or unfair to wonder — and want — about your own beauty. Here are a few ways to discern if you are attractive.

Are you wearing your clothes well?

The adage is true — it’s not only what you wear but how you wear it. You might have the most expensive clothes or the trendiest cuts but if you aren’t wearing them with confidence and composure then it doesn’t matter how much you paid. Nothing looks worse than slouching Chanel.

A good looking person wears well-fitting clothes that they like. They aren’t concerned about “dressing for the body you have,” rather feeling good in what they’re in. They put on clothes that they are happy to wear. Their outfits illuminate their personality. They shine through their clothes.

Are you taking care of your face?

No, you don’t need a fifteen-step or expensive face routine. In fact, relying on so many products can be damaging to your skin, your bank account, and the environment. What is helpful, however, is regular cleansing and moisturizing of your skin. Gently and nourishingly applying skincare techniques can make your face softer, shinier, and elevate your mood and self confidence. The same goes for the rest of your body.  In order to love the skin you are in, you must give love to the skin you are in. Taking care of yourself is part of a lifestyle.

Are you doing the simple things?

If you’re a busy person — and chances are you are — it can be easy to let small things like flyaways and smudged mascara go untended to. Keep a compact in your bag to check for these small things — like lipstick on teeth or runny make up. Asses your clothes for stains, tears, tightness, or anything else that makes you unpolished or uncomfortable. You want to look sexy and attractive to other people so take time to tuck your collar, roll your cuffs, tend to flyaways, and touch up. The small things can make a big difference.

What do we learn?

That composure, confidence, and kindness to one’s self is key. You are attractive and look hot not because of what you have bought, but how you wear it. Not because of your body, but how you treat it. Not because of looks, but because of love.

And remember " Physical attraction is the first sign of chemistry we humans seek in a match".

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