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Okay, so Halloween this year will be a little different. Socially-distanced trick-or-treating, no more parties, and everyone has to incorporate masks into their outfit. But that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with costumes—and what's more fun than going out (er...staying in) as a duo? Here are five ideas to spice up your Halloween couple costume game.

1) Tiger King and Carole Baskin

Dressing up as a real couple is so 2010. If you're seriously considering going as Pam and Jim, just... no. Pick two people who absolutely hate each other and you've got an entertaining costume idea. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to buy more leopard print?

Tiger King and Carole Baskin Halloween cosplay

2) Sexy Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa

Willy Wonka is cool, but what about SEXY Willy Wonka? If you haven't seen the viral Tik Tok with skinny, sensual Willy Wonka yet, you're seriously missing out. Obviously Sexy Willy Wonka will be the star of the show, but he needs an Oompa Loompa by his side to make sure people don't think he's just a magician.

Video: Sexy Willy Wonka cosplayer becomes very popular on TikTok | Daily Mail Online
Willy Wonka cosplayer becomes a major hit on TikTok as he sings and dances showing off his physique.

3) Doctor and nurse

If you're super Type A and already know you'll be bothered by having to wear a mask with your costume, just go as a doctor and nurse. It'll be fun pretending to be national heroes for one night.

Doctor Halloween cosplay

4) Bread and butter

This costume is super topical for 2020 because so many of us spent our quarantine days baking. Plus, carbs are a great way to cope with the psychological toll of quarantine. And if you don't want to dress up in a puffy bread costume, FINE. You can just buy a shirt that has a picture of bread on it.

Bread and butter Halloween costume

5) Mike Pence and the fly on his head

Honestly, can you think of a more dedicated partner than the fly on Mike Pence's head during the first vice presidential debate? Show off your tight-knit relationship by dressing up as the most tight-knit couple of 2020. Let's be real, they lasted longer than most relationships during quarantine.

Mark Pence fly on head
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