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It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed the ins-and-outs of the dating scene. Nowadays most dates take place online or in outdoor spaces, where it's possible to sit six feet away from each other.

On top of the new ways to date, there are also new terms to describe our dating habits. All of this fresh lingo can be super confusing. Thankfully, we’ve whipped up a list of some of the newest slang to help you navigate the pandemic dating scene.

1) Antibody Boy/Girl

Funny enough, there are some people who use their Covid diagnosis to lure in potential partners. Sounds weird, but having the dreaded virus is actually a great conversation starter. It makes you some kind of four-leaf clover in the dating world.

2) Corona-zoned

Corona-zoned means the same thing as being cock-blocked, but for Covid reasons. It represents when someone who would have hooked up you, isn't going to because of the pandemic (which is the smart). Hookups at this time just aren’t safe and that’s why corona-zoning has become so common.

3) Covid-worthy

When you say someone is Covid-worthy, it means that they are worth the risk of contracting Covid. In other words, someone you're willing to go on a first date with.

4) Quarantine and Chill

Much like Netflix and Chill, Quarantine and Chill is when you and your boo quarantine together, maybe for a few hours, a whole night, or a week or longer, and get busy in the sheets while staying clear of the pandemic.

5) Sexually Isolating

Sexually isolating yourself means that you are not embarking on sexual escapades for fear of contracting the virus or spreading it to someone else.

6) Turbo Relationship

A Turbo Relationship is just what it sounds like...FAST. These relationships are more intense and go much faster than normal relationships. During the pandemic, many couples decided to quarantine together during the lockdown. This led to some quick DTRs and even engagements.

7) Zumped

Zumped is even worse than being dumped because it’s done via Zoom. No one wants to say "goodbye" virtually to their partner — but unfortunately this has become a common way to end a relationship.

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